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Reference-list from approximately 1970 until today 

Expert opinion, energy - and environment-certificates: (1978 - 1996)
Working communion: Department of the Interior and Chamber office of industries and commerce (Düsseldorf - Dortmund and München - Passau)

Dr. Ing. Waechter (†), Ing. (grad.) Besse, Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Rumpf, Dr. Ing. Erb, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Schmitt, Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Gebauer, Dr. Ing. Gradischnik (Graz - Austria), Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mürle, Dr. Ing. Gagel (†), Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Holzappel und Reisch, Ing. (grad.) Dörge (†), Dr. Ing. Kolb und Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Richter

Renovations, rebuildings, redevelopments and energy-evaluations of the NATO and U.S. - armed forces
Rhein / Main (National Bureau for manoeuvre - and war-damages) 
Accident - and freight-damage-evaluations in the airport area of the air-port-high society Rhein / Main
Frankfurt / M. - Hanau - Gelnhausen
Apparatus-construction and plastic-processing, Fa. Heibl GmbH Selbitz
Apparatus-construction, Fa. MaHa Kempten
Car-house (Autosalon), Fa. Konrad KG Erlangen
Car-house (Autosalon), Fa. Fischer Kaltenkirchen
Car-house (Autosalon), Fa. Dorn Landshut - Passau
Car-house (Autosalon), Fa. Claußen Malente
Power plant for energy, heater and stream (B H K W) country Bavaria München
Bakery - pastry shop, Fa. Weyer Bergisch - Gladbach
Bakery - pastry shop, Fa. Odenthal Rommerskirchen
Bakery - pastry shop, Fa. Bopp Rüsselsheim
Concrete merchandise production, Fa. Braas Mannheim
Brewery Trassel – Bräu Warmesteinach
Bread factory, Fa. Waterfeld Arolsen - Külte
Printing works and publishing house society, Fa. Plettner Nürnberg
Printing works, Fa. Höltkötter Hamburg
Newspaper editor and Printing works, Donau - Kurier Ingolstadt
Carton factory and Printing works, Fa. Rasche KG Wiesbaden - Biebrich
Printing works, master and lithograph, GmbH DUP - Studio Hamburg
Deicer and buried cable-publishing at both start - and runways
Dewatering at the airport and clarification factory München Nord, country Bavaria
München - Erding
Meat factory, Fa. Deininger Fürth
Leisure time-bath (park) under a an air-reverberate (Cupola) Cuppamare Kuppenheim
Hotel business, Haus am Rieth Nettetal
Industry work, Fa. Schaeffer Herzogenaurach
Industry work, Fa. Meisterfuchs Nürnberg
Ceramic ornament-institution,  Fa. Müller Schönwald
Clear-water- factory, country Bavaria München - Nord
Clothes merchandise production, Fa. Oelers Schwalmtal
Plastic-processing factory,  Fa. Weilburg - Singe Günzburg
Plastic-processing, Selbitz Selbitz
Butcher shop, Fa. Müller Riedstadt
Butcher shop, Fa. Braun-Eisenacher Rüsselsheim
Butcher shop, Fa. Pohl Selters
Fashion-jewelry-manufacturer, Gablonzer Kaufbeuren, Neu-Gablonz
Fruit-wholesales  Fa. Gintz Hochheim / Main
Recycling–businesses,  Ground-examinations, country Bavaria Landshut, Ingolstadt
Restaurant - Berggasthof Kraft Warmesteinach
Restaurant - Hotel Königsheide Warmesteinach
Redevelopment and energy-evaluation  “Schloß Nymphenburg“ in connection 
with the clinic Großhadern, country Bavaria
Landbau- und Universitätsbauamt München
Redevelopment and technology-formation the Kaufhofes München, Am Stachus
Redevelopment and technology-formation the Kaufhofes München, Schwabing
Carpentry, Fa. Bestehorn Dreieich-Sprendlingen
Carpentry, Fa. Wunderlich Hamburg
Game-merchandise,  Fa. Haber Günzburg
Game-merchandise factory,  Fa. Carl KG Coburg
Stone-oven-bread-bakery, Fa. Rendeler Kerben
Gas stations - and laundry-businesses , Ground-examinations, total BRD
Textile plastic-application factory, Pharetra Selbitz
Textile-manufacturing enterprise  Fa. Bruckmühl AG Bruckmühl
Tractors - and country-machine-factory, Fa. Eicher Landau
Package- and  carton factory, Fa. Sturm Idstein
Thread factory, Fa. Weber Selbitz

To the certificate-preparation ace waves ace had to be proven a certain business-size and a certain minimum-turnover to the subsidy, middle class-support. The engineer-honorarium-buzzes for at energy-certificate began with approximately 3.000,00 € plus VAT in the year 1981, both the engineer-liquidation as well as the modernization-measures were subsidized by the then government and were promoted.

Experts and certifications:

Since approximately 1968 evaluations of built-up and idle of country, calculations, damage - and preservation of evidence-certificates for insurances, courts, authorities, general-businesses and private-customers with chargeable expenses and value of the weak in disputes from 1.500 € until 20 million €

More expertly for damages and evaluation in expert-organizations.  (Dortmund and Ulm–Kempten)
Build and school-management of the department “occupation-driver-education “

Lectureship and private lecturer in the winter-semester '84/85 and in the summer-semester '85 at the university Regensburg in the area expert-natures

Self-employer, self-employed expert for the industry and chamber of commerce – also for the dangerous goods ordinance, accidents and security-engineer of the trade associations for middle class-businesses.

Planning - supervision - project-management:
(Construction costs - or parts of construction costs in €)
Technology-planning and steel-construction (study-time),
DB - Thyssen - Henschel - Krauss-Maffei
Kassel - München  1971/75 
80 Vacations - and tourists residences (residential-installation) with pool-installation
Cartagena (Murcia) in Spanien  1973/74
12 Mio.
290 One - and two-family-residences as well as residential-installations with altogether over 600 residential-units for the British armed forces (Aachener Gemeinnützige
Münster, Aalen, Bergsteinfurt, Iserlohn, 
Bielefeld, Paderborn, Arnsberg 
160 Mio.
Elisabeth-Lüders-School with triple gymnasium, Hamm 1973
5 Mio.
Residential-installation with 80 residential-units, Dr. Ing. Potthoff Düsseldorf - Meerbusch  1975 
12 Mio.
triple gymnasium, Fa. Oevermann Paderborn 1976 
5 Mio.
Barracks-redevelopment of the U.S. armed forces Hanau - Gelnhausen 1977
15 Mio.
Residential - and business premises with 180 units and practices,  Fa. Oevermann in Münster Marl  1978
18 Mio.
Planning-jobs of the BMW - AG, Production- factory building, offices - and office buildings, Landshut-Dingolfing 1981/84
30 Pattern-wood-houses  Dr. Oehrmann “Typ Nord“ Verden - Bremen 1985
2 Mio.
20 Pattern-wood-houses  “Typ Oberbayern" (Süd) Bad Aibling 1986
2 Mio.
Fire-station and business-yard Bergkamen 1984/86 
43 Mio.
Reconstruction of a discotheque with gastronomy , Fa. Bisplinghoff Bochum  1987
 6 Mio.
Residential - and business premises with 60 units and ABC-air raid protection-cellars (970 Pers.) Antoniusstr. Hamm - Zentrum  1987
 14 Mio.
Church-reconstruction with community-house, Herz Jesu Hamm  1988 
4 Mio.
Carton-factory Bredella (Kesting) Ennepetal  1988 
1,5 Mio.
TNT – haulage contractor (Kesting) Dortmund 1988
2,5 Mio.
TNT – haulage contractor (Kesting) Wiesbaden 1988 
2,5 Mio.
Hoesch administration (Kesting) Dortmund 1988
4 Mio.
Rebuild and reconstruction of the old dairy with residential - and business premises, practices,  Dr. Ing. Brotbeck - Falconia Soest - Stuttgart 1988
12 Mio.
Dynamit Nobel – Union Carbide, Heat-recovery, Schongau 1988
1,5 Mio.
Rebuild - and reconstruction of at grea -discotheque with gastronomy,  “Ambiente Italia“ Fa. Bisplinghoff Dortmund-Passau  1989
5 Mio.
Residential-installation with 60 apartments (units), Fa. Krauss, Frühlingsstr. Landshut  1998
9 Mio.
18-hole golf course-installation Mainburg 1990
 8 Mio.
DOBAU – Doblinger, Massa-Market, parking garages, stores, apartments Manching 1991
25 Mio.
DOBAU – Doblinger, stores, apartments, parking garage, Regensburg 1991
32 Mio.
Community Mallersdorf, Heat-recovery Mallersdorf 1992 2 Mio.
DOBAU – Doblinger, stores, apartments, Mintraching 1992
12 Mio.
Advice and support with the redevelopment of plate-flatten-constructions,residential-installations and business starts Wroclaw (Breslau) und Rawicz in Polen
former DDR
127 Condominiums  “Neue Heimat“ München  1992 
20 Mio.
600 ha beach - and grassland-development with residential-installations, one-family houses and stores in the greater area Izmir – Türkei Çesme – Karaburum – Seferihisar – Gümüldür – Özdere – Pamucak 1993
35 Mio.
Heat-recovery machine-factory Landshut 1993
1,5 Mio.
Rebuild weaving  Landshut in stores and business premises Landshut 1994
6 Mio.
Residential-installation with business and stores  - Holzappel Augsburg - Fischbach 1994 
5 Mio.
Hotel with 60 rooms, swimming pool and leisure time-installation Kumluca – Kemer – Çavus Köyü, Antalya - Türkei  1993/96 
2,5 Mio.
18-hole golf course-installation bei Kemer, Antalya - Türkei  1994/96 
7 Mio.
Timberyard with fire-station  - Holzappel Augsburg - Fischbach 1995
9 Mio.
Barracks-redevelopment and reconstruction of the U.S. armed forces  (Bilfinger und Berger), State of Bavaria, Finanzbauamt Regensburg Hohenfels 1990/94
90 Mio.
Office building-redevelopment  Ph. Holzmann München 1992
Residential-installation Herrenfelden Vilsbiburg 1992
5 Mio.
Bay. Wohnbau (Residential-construction) 180 units Erding 1993 27 Mio.
Bay. Wohnbau (Residential-construction) 160 units München 1993 24 Mio.
Wohnanlage (Residential-construction) Ay Vilsbiburg 1993
8 Mio.
Residential-construction Rosenheimerstr. mit 3 BA Landshut 1994 
31 Mio.
Timberyard with fire-station,  Fischbach - Holzappel Augsburg 1995 9 Mio.
Residential-construction (Bank) Raiffeisenbank with 75 units Erding 1995 15 Mio.
Residential-construction Stadler Dingolfing 1996 8 Mio.
ARGE – Tunnel-construction Landshut 1996
7 Mio.
Continuance-planning and redevelopment  “Villa Drexlmaier“ Geisenhausen 1997 1 Mio.
Church-reconstruction with community-center Pozzallo (Sizilien) 1997
4 Mio.
Age-home and vacation-residential-installation with 46 units one - andtwo-family-residences, stores Pozzallo (Sizilien)  1998
15 Mio.
Vacation village Sampieri with 160 one-family-residences,beach-restorations,boat-mooring, stores and complete infrastructure Marina di Modica
60 Mio.
Age-home and vacation-residential-installation with 40 one-family-residences Pozzallo (Sizilien) 1999
12 Mio.
18-hole golf course-installation with expansion-possibility on 27 hole and 72 villas at the fairway “residential in, at and on the golf course “ Pozzallo – Ispica
Energy-park “South-East-Sicily” Ispica 1999
25 Mio.
Church-reconstruction Pachino / SR 2000
3,5 Mio.
Church-reconstruction Rosolini / SR 2001
2,8 Mio.
Redevelopment, rebuilding and restoration of baroque-buildings and churches - with reconstruction - in the provinces Ragusa, Siracusa and Messina of the office Pozzallo Modica, Pozzallo, Ispica, Rosolini, Pachino, Ragusa, Caltagirone, Messina, Siracusa und Noto ab 1995 
Redevelopment and restoration of the “Level of Noto “, world-culture-heritage in Sicily and the Cathedral of the Bishop of Noto Valle di Noto 2002
Authorization, opening and reconstruction of 52 villas with leisure time - and 
Marina di Ragusa 2001/02 
14,0 Mio.
Beauty - farmen and beauty parlor Modica - Ragusa und Patti - Messina 2002/03

Obvious became and becomes therefore smaller constructions from the office from about 0,5 million € construction volume handled – just as important and our daily bread is in the expert-activity the many small-certificates and calculations from at liquidation from approximately 500,--€ engineer honorarium, that let us therefore into time of recessions at the life.
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