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Project-management & technology (BRD - IT) Besse Gabor, Ing. (FH)
Waechter Manfred †, Dr. Ing.
Ruggeri Guiseppe, Dott. Arch. 
Rumpf Rudolf, Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.)
Längst Stefan,  Dipl.-Aggr.-Ing.(FH)
Distribution & technology (BRD)
PR, Marketing Management
Stanek Helmut, Marketing Manager (PR)
Bujnoch Franz, Real estate brokers
Plötz Hans, Gulfs and real estates
Wollmann Peter, Diploma merchant (FH)
Kern Siegmar, Ing.(BU) 
Lübcke Walter, Dr. Aggr. Ing.
Rumpf Stefanie, Stud. Dott. Ing. 
Distribution & technology  (IT)
PR, Marketing Management
Fratantonio Guiseppe, Dott. Arch.
Paterno Raffaele, Geom. 
Barone Giovanni, Geom.
Cilia Giambattista, Dott. Arch.
Gudice Pino, Dott. Informatico e Matematico
Mallia Giovanni,  Dott. Arch. 

Today, we are an engineer - and expert-office, that as well as in Germany also as in Italy active is. Co-founder of the former construction firm and planning-office was approximately 1951/52 Mr. Dr. Ing. Waechter. In the following years, the office was continued by co-workers or was taken on. Mr. Rumpf has taken on the office 1977 of the Mr.s Gröner and Dörge and 1979 of Mr. Besse; Mr. Bruckmaier - a former colleague - continues a part of the office in Landshut since 1996. Everyone our co-workers is self-employed or independently active in the meantime - together we are a team however. After already some colleagues foreign-experiences – p.e. in Poland and Turkey - had collected and wanted to miss the " flair of the working in southern countries" one no longer our activity began in Italy from a type hobby - dream-occupation or desires and must out. Tirednessly were also some of the colleagues the partially overdrawn activities and rules in our leisure time*-country Northern Europe where one can often take care of nobody and nothing right. Partially still prevails at the edge of the EU departure-mood and the people is gladly over each of the accruing performances - presupposed - it is not exactly in the agriculture with 45 degrees about the lunchtime or one of the many ABM`s. For a North-European especially habituation-needy or also as exceptional however must the " mentality one however, shallowly - or forgetfulness, unreliably - and unpunctuality also marks. It is simply said the " southern flair " something the work there so provokes - e cosi la vita.

At the moment, we lead conversations to the airport-rebuilding in Comiso, a type "Living in the age" and a leisure time-installation - we suspects however that still delays itself this year and participates the grandsons here maybe.
Link Ragusa 
e la Regione
Peter Amann


Seniors apartments - Sicily - Real estates

Ripen for the island? First vacation-abode and age-silence-seat taken care of later
(Departure from articles of press-publications at the dpa and the tourism-industry)

Then, you enjoy a not too forgetting vacation on Sicily today on a trial basis. In the own apartment or house - a week or several months, for example - so as directly it some new inhabitants in Marina di Modica or in houses at the sea, has already realized - the four apartments in our example (56 - 70 m²s in the ground floor or 1. level) sleep-opportunities offer for 5 persons so that also the children can come once.
The ground floor -apartments own terraces, in the 1.stick over balconies. The house lies in a quiet side street in Marina di Modica - only through dunes of the sandy beach separated. Surrounds from a wall and fence with lockable entrance. Cars park on the property under an arbor. Cafè, restaurants and aurchase-possibilities are at the place. For big purchases, the trip is worthwhile in the 5 km distant Pozzallo or after Modica.
Without having to move again, we offer certain objects as age-silence-seat - with demand with taken care of living - at. Services like cleaning, laundry-services, purchase, care - or they book medical care with demand or interest to. You spend your old age in the own four walls, with hercorresponding nursing care or the other services. And you pay only one fraction for these performances his, what a residence in the age-home costs and remains on the certain side however, with individual care - however the pension or pension remains in your bag. One takes care in the care-pool care-strength or nurse between four to seven " care-units ", supports from cleaning - and care-strengths. They simply leave themselves however our record - also over replannings in this area - sends.

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